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Rho Delta's Life Loyal Sinfonians

What is Life Loyal?

     For many years, the Fraternity’s national publication, The Sinfonian, has been sent to many alumni free of charge. Unfortunately, the cost of producing and mailing our publication has been placed upon the shoulders of our collegiate members. As a result, the Fraternity misses out on fantastic opportunities to provide quality and educational programming for our undergraduates.
     The Life Loyal Sinfonian program provides the needed funds to endow The Sinfonian and support current and future alumni events and programming. In addition, the program removes the burden on collegiate dues and allows them to be invested back into our collegiate members.
The Life Loyal Sinfonian is modeled after many similar programs offered by other large national fraternities and sororities. It allows our alumni members to assist in funding programs and communication directed specifically for our alumni.
     There are exclusive benefits to membership, including a lifetime subscription to The Sinfonian, a membership certificate, a lapel pin, a wallet card, and discounts at a variety of businesess and companies. The true value of your commitment of loyalty, however, is the knowledge that all Life Loyal Sinfonians are ensuring that Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia continues to uphold its strong traditions for all of its members for years to come.

     Congratulations to the Brothers who became Life Loyals from the Rho Delta Chapter


Bro. Craig Anthony Bogle (#217)
Bro. Dominique Turner (#320)
Bro. Shamonz Makonde Moore (#399)
Bro. Joseph Patrick Martin (#548)
Bro. Jonathan Moody (#669)
Bro. Thomas Scott Lamb (#766)
Bro. Dominique Bernard Lane (#832)

Congratulations to the rest of the Brothers in Province 36 who also became Life Loyals for their respected chapters.

Valdosta State University

Mr. Walter G. Rollenhagen (#93)

Mr. Michael D. Oppel (#270)
Mr. Michael B. Owens (#408)
Mr. Roy N. Rasheed (#583)
Mr. Earl C. Wetherington (#680)
Mr. Wando M. Holt (#728)

Mr. Joseph M. Searcy (#772)
Mr. Craig D. Godfrey (#805)
Mr. Christopher A. Carter (#891)

Mr. Christopher C. Parrott (#982)

Mr. Wesley K. Babcock (#983)

Mr. Nicholas L. Clisby (#1007)










Florida A&M University


Gregory A. Beacham (#273)

Mr. Willie E. Sparrow, Jr. (#802)
Mr. Edwin Sylvain (#892)

Mr. Darrien D. Simmons (#913)

Mr. Laurence D. Nelson (#924)

Mr. Jared A. Johnson (#940)

Mr. Gary A. Norman II (#949)

Anthony R. Williams (#950)

Mr. Jamar K. Robinson (#951)

Florida State University

Mr. William C. Mulligan (#276)

Mr. Clifford K. Madsen (#308)
Mr. Ross A. Magoulas (#523)
Mr. Dominic V. Church (#633)
Dr. Timothy M. Ballard (#771)
Mr. Robert S. Vail (#818)

Mr. James D. Leone (#935)

University of Florida

Mr. Aaron J. Spencer (#94)

Mr. Jason P. Locker (#287)

Mr. Ryan P. Sullivan (#981)

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